Monday, June 21, 2004

Set against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean on the Jersey shore, Atlantic City - the original Sin City - and its surrounds offer a dining scene that's diverse and dynamic, featuring gourmet masterpieces from almost every corner of the globe and a range of cuisine types that defies imagination. Dine at world-class restaurants in flashy hotels overlooking the harbor, enjoy classic old-style cuisine on the Jersey shore, or indulge in decadent carnival-style treats on the bustling Ocean City Boardwalk - the family-friendly alter ego of the Atlantic City Boardwalk just ten miles away. Whether its traditional down-home cooking, Soul Fusion food or spicy, exotic delights that tempt your palate, Atlantic City's restaurant scene caters to every gastronomic whim, presenting a melange of culinary marvels to delight even the most descriminating gourmet.


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